Project Photos

Bathroom Faucet Replacement

When an old faucet drips, it is most of the time cheaper to replace it than trying to rebuild the old stems and other parts.

Sink Drain Repair

A cockeyed pipe connections caused this sink drain to leak, until it completely fell apart. It was a fast and easy fix for an experienced plumber.

Pin hole pipe leak

Pin hole pipe leaks occur due to a pitting corrosion caused by the well water chemistry. It is important to detect and address pitting corrosion early to avoid major plumbing issues.

Clogged Toilet Repair

This is how a clogged toilet looks. After half an hour of plunging and using a closet auger a plastic baggie with nails and screws was pulled out of this mess...

Kitchen Sink Trap Repair

When this kitchen sink trap repair came to an end, everything was tight and aligned. Don't let a leaking trap to damage your cabinets and kitchen flooring.

Leaking Toilet Damage

This house had four bathrooms and four toilets. Every single one of them leaked. This is what makes the difference between having your toilets installed by a "handyman" and a licensed plumber.

Toilet Installation

Properly secure the toilet flange to the subfloor, put a strip of plumbers putty around the toilet exit hole, use "no-seep" wax ring with a funnel, tighten the flange bolts without cracking the porcelain - job well done.

Disposal Replacement

When replacing a corroded sink garbage disposal, one must be very careful to work with a sharp metal, electricity and water puddles inside tight kitchen cabinets.

Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater longevity can be anywhere from a few years to couple decades depending on many factors, such as: hot water usage, brand, and water chemistry.

Commercial water heater repair

Supreme plumber is authorized to work on any type of commercial water heaters.

Damage from frozen pipes

Freezing temperatures create a danger for poorly insulated or unheated spaces with water-filled pipes.